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EoE Kundalini Generator
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To see all the steps in building the EoE generator please visit this page

This is the Generator that energizes and links all the EoE products. It is one powerful system made out of many unique crystals
and geometries.

Below you find the list of all the unique crystals and a list of all the different energies included

EoE Generator Sphere
Center Chrome Diopside Outer crystals
Jade (nephrite) Rhodonite 3 Petalites
Inner ring: Eudyalite 5 Cryolites
Natrolite Iolite Piknite
2 green Apatites 2 Verdelite in quartz 2 Cerussites
Rhodochrosite light green Nephrite 3 Spinels
Kyanite 4th ring 2 Smithsonites
Scolecite 18 Apatites Pyrite
2nd ring Outer ring Datolite
Kyanite 3 fire quartz Rubellite
Seraphinite 2 clear quartz Tremolite
Jade (Nephrite) 6 Tourmalines with garnet Magnetite / Chalcopyrite
2 Prehnites Fluorite in quartz Garnet
5 Apatites dark moonstone Cassiterite
Charoite Rhodochrosite Celestite
Magnetite with Saamite 2 Garnets
3rd ring 2 Amethysts
2 Citrines 4 Apatites
Large Jade (Nephrite) Hematite
yellow green Apatite Rhodonite

Special EoE energised crystals Located in the middle circle of the EoE generator
Penfieldite Fluellite
Amicite Szenicsite
Ferrinatrite Willhendersonite-Kalsilite
Cryolithionite Tanzanian Wurtzite
Kamphaugite-Y Strengite
Fluor-Phenakite Rosasite-in-Hemimorphite


Main EoE Energies
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