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EoE kundalini VOGEL pendant Quartz

EoE kundalini VOGEL pendant Quartz


An extremely effective tool for awakening and developing the kundalini.

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  • Description

    Product Description

    The EoE kundalini VOGEL pendants are powerful tools to awaken and develop the kundalini. It creates a vertical energy vortex through the body that cleanses and develops the kundalini constantly. It is a natural quartz crystal from the himalaya that is cut 24 sided following the VOGEL instructions.

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  • EoE energies

    EoE general

    EoE stands for Era of Enlightenment - the energy that is permanently merged inside these crystals. This is a long process (minimum 3 weeks) to get the crystals ready. The main focus is the awakening and development of the kundalini along with opening up the heart and silencing the mind. It is the most powerful energetic tool on the market today with the amazing gift for the new age to make the kundalini journey easy and complete.

    Best EoE crystals

    After a long search of trying to find the best materials for the EoE energies, we ended up with Apatite as the number one EoE crystal followed by nephrite, prehnite and garnet. Quartz including its colored versions citrine and amethyst are a bit less powerful but are still very effective in the form of a VOGEL pendant almost making the EoE energies into a laser beam. There are some other very rare crystals such as Herderite, Strengite, Wardite, Nastrophite, Autunite, Jahnsite, Tremolite and Brazilianite that are as good as Apatite and Nephrite but due to their toxic nature and limited supply we do not offer them yet

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