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EoE Nephrite sphere

EoE Nephrite sphere


10.1 cm / 1.1 kg

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  • Description

    Product Description

    Apatite and Nephrite are the best EoE materials in the world. While EoE apatite is more outward in its energies, Nephrite is more inward and centered in the heart. It actually creates a black hole inside the heart, pulling and dissolving all negativities and energetic blockages inside and crunch it into pure kundalini energy that in turn moves it up and out of the crown chakra. It does this extremely powerfully and very deep.

    When speaking of jade, one can be referring to jadeite or nephrite pieces. Although similar, jadeite and nephrite jade have different physical and chemical characteristics. Jade in both of its forms is used in quite a few different applications, from carvings and jewelry to kitchen ware.

    Jade has been used as the base for carving since the prehistoric times. As jade is such a hard material, it was able to be used for weapons such as knives and tools for edging. Once other materials were discovered for tools, jade became used for more ornamental than utilitarian purposes.

    In the early Chinese dynasties, jade (or nephrite jade) was used for utilitarian and ceremonial objects including jade burial suits.  It was considered the “imperial gem.” The qualities of jade, its colors, and its hardness, caused the Chinese to associate it with the soul and immortality. Many of the native sources of jade in China have been mined out; most of the modern Chinese jade comes from the province of XinJiang.

    This particular EoE Jade was found in Madagascar and is fused with other minerals. The dark green is jade.

    The sphere is placed on a 30 by 30 cm EoE trained labradorite plate (3 cm thick) with the EoE geometry on top of it to make the Nephrite Jade come to life and flower its energies around the system to fill the room with its energies.

  • EoE energies

    EoE general

    EoE stands for Era of Enlightenment - the energy that is permanently merged inside these crystals. This is a long process (minimum 3 weeks) to get the crystals ready. The main focus is the awakening and development of the kundalini along with opening up the heart and silencing the mind. It is the most powerful energetic tool on the market today with the amazing gift for the new age to make the kundalini journey easy and complete.

    Best EoE crystals

    After a long search of trying to find the best materials for the EoE energies, we ended up with Apatite as the number one EoE crystal followed by nephrite, prehnite and garnet. Quartz including its colored versions citrine and amethyst are a bit less powerful but are still very effective in the form of a VOGEL pendant almost making the EoE energies into a laser beam. There are some other very rare crystals such as Herderite, Strengite, Wardite, Nastrophite, Autunite, Jahnsite, Tremolite and Brazilianite that are as good as Apatite and Nephrite but due to their toxic nature and limited supply we do not offer them yet

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