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First of all, let me tell you that I am very pleased with the pendant and the little buddha touch sphere for permanent wearing. They are always acompaning me. Without them I would not have progressed so much in half a year. That is really amazing. Of course, you get no mercy, you have to pay your spiritual lessons. And there have been quite a lot so far. Some smaller ones and some quite bigger ones. I cannot say with words how the kundalini tools have changed my life so far.


 When I received the package with the pendant, I immediately felt the energy of it. It felt like a powerful and high frequency energy. When I placed the package to the other side of the room I still felt the energy. After this I immediately put the pendant on and started to become a bit dizzy with a floating feeling but this subsided quite rapidly. At night I place the pendant next to my bed, but I found this to be too strong so now I only wear it at daytime.
After this I put the pendant on everyday. I am really happy with  it and I am not leaving the house without it. It feels like a buddy like you said.
But it does so much more. There are so many changes happening, it seems like everything is going at a much faster pace. As if I get a push in my back that helps me go deeper and faster with whatever I am working on.
I also stay much better with my feelings and speak from my heart. I already tried this before, but now it feels much better with more depth and oneness with it. Other people have noticed these changes as well – today for example a good relative of mine told me he noticed the changes in me. She said I radiate more power and seem to be more at ease in my body and sitting up straighter. I am sure this all is due to the pendant working on me and giving me the power to grow even further.
I am so grateful and happy that I am finally able to help others directly from the heart – this was something I was always trying but for some reason this was not happening due to some blockages. It now seems these blockages have dissolved and all kind of pieces of the puzzle are finally falling into place.
I am sure you are going to help many people on their spiritual path – I am for sure one of them.
I now have your EoE kundalini system for over half a year and wanted to share my experiences with you.
When I was with you guys in October the EoE systems were just calling to me and I knew I was going to get one, almost like something from beyond was moving me. I was allowed to choose a system and directly bring it home with me. Once home I started to meditate with it and immediately felt like I received all kinds of initiations and energies going though me which felt really good. I could sit for hours meditating with it and just loose track of time. I have done this for weeks at end and eventually the energies stabilized and became calmer.
But many things have changed. I was always anxious when being alone at night and this was put to the test not that long ago when my husband had to go to Bali for 3 weeks. Amazingly I found myself completely at ease and slept great as if I was being embraced and everything goes on a flow. Where I used to judge things as good or bad was now all o.k.
Also when friends visit me they all find it so peaceful that they do not want to leave the house anymore and completely relax in the house.
Now we are camping and the cat from the neighbors does not want to leave our place anymore!!
I am really happy with the kundalini system and hope that many more systems will spread the earth so this light and love can spread throughout the planet.
When I put the EoE vogel pendant on, I immediately felt warmth around my heart area. The next day I was spontaneously  greeted by strangers of all ages, among other at the busstation and everyone was super nice and helpful.
A whole new world opened up in front of me. Collegues commented that I was shining so much and clients stayed longer during meetings. Normally I would be very tired after a day of hard work but now it seems  to be a lot less tiresome.
We are incredibly overwhelmed by the effects of the EoE spheres. There is so much harmony and energy in our house now!
That it would have such a great impact on us we would have never thought. We actually found the by accident and if we did not experience this ourselves we would have never bought the spheres in the first place. It is great to be connected to your EoE generator 🙂
Thanks, thanks, thanks,
After about half a year of wearing the EoE pendant I am still really happy with it and it still feels different when I am not wearing it. It is so much better than any other energetic product I have tried so far.
Last night I came into a stillness that revealed the nefarious operating system of mind and emotions with such clarity. It was a beautiful depth to experience. I attribute this temporary dissolution of self to the EoE vogel. I look forward to the actual energetics within becoming palpable.
Dear Edwin and Litsa!

I want to begin with a few words about the kundalini seminar, especially about the effects it had on the following week. In the buddhistic traditions energy transsmissions, especially face to face, are a very rare thing and only given as a special grace by high lamas. Therefore I wasnt prepared for this direct approach and the masssive amounts of energy made me feel uncomfortabel on the first day (that is a good thing) in typical ways, headaches, dizziness, and a lot of vibrations all over the body, or to put it exactly, the sensation of energy on the skin all over the body, like the tingleing when parts of the body fall asleep, in different resolutions/frequencies from rough to fine grained.
On the first day after the event, I noticed the effects of the blockage clearing at the heart Itsa performed. The energy from the pendants as well as the auras of spiritual developed beeings suddenly all resulted in different kinds of emotional bliss, so energy now felt “good”, which I only rarely experience.

The abillity to feel this bliss stopped, three days after the event when, as expected, the body reacted to the high energy “overload” from the event. I only experienced this once before in Februrary, when the Karmapa himself performed a 4 hour akshobya puja, considered to be the supreme/strongest form of purification in the kagyu lineage, with flame rituals in Bodhgaya. The most credible theory about this so far is, that the body cant catch up fast enough with the spiritual transformations, so one feels very ill ( high feever and dizziness). After going to sleep, you feel extremely weak, even inside the dream your vision gets blurred and movement beyond crawling is impossible. I woke up once in that stage, only to feel the body in a state compareable to ~45°+ fever, a state where your whole skin feels like its burning. But after 5-10min, or after waking up, everything returns to normal, besides a little dizzines.

To come back to the pendants:
I very rarely had any pain in the neck or shoulders until now, and if, it was gone by the end of the day. Now, after about 4 months wearing them nonstop, I start to feel the flow of the energy the pendants induce into the body, in my case however, the heart is still to closed off to let any energy flow in other parts of the body, however when laying it on the third eye for example, the pendant immediately gets to work with significant energy level increases at 5min and around 15min in. Even though you quickly become used to it or both (sphere and pendant), when putting it aside for even a day or two, you realise how much it amplifies every spiritual aspect of your daily life ranging from sadhana practice to random or induced moments of silence in the mind eg. beeing here and now. As you already know, the pendants energy is more sharp eg. defined while the sphere softer and broader. This also means, that the sphere first needs to build up its energy longer ~10mins before enjoying its full effects. It also means that, because of its more decent energy, it could be preceived as weaker as the pendant(it is not), which is is sadly amplified because of the fact, that it has no direct skin contact, which notably decreases its effect on the body. However with the new ones coming (the one Edwin gave J.) this shouldnt be a problem anymore.

There is still one Event that happend at the end of june, a in my perspective “kundalini awakening” which I did not include in the review paragraph above, because I am still unsure about its causes. It happend shortly after Edwin gave the online darshan session, which I sadly couldnt attend, because of the final, and hardest exam of the semester. After a very exciting daily practice of ~2h with out of the ordinary good visualisations, I went to grab a glass of water before going to bed. After looking in the mirror above the sink, I immediatly got extremely terrified of my own face. Not only did I not recognize myself, I also got unpleasently suprised by the huge kundalini energy rush. After relaxing and laying down in bed, it strenghend to a level where my whole boddy shivered and breathing was (subjectively) barely possible. The big kundalini energy wave however, only got to a point slightly above the navel, where a not sensable wall blocked it off. Nonetheless was my whole body “charged” with what felt like an infinite amount of energy which first showed me the high impact, thougts as well as attention have. I had what felt like laser fokus, everywhere I looked or thought, huge amounts of energy where transferred. Additionally, sensibillity to everything was so high I could feel the disturbing energy of power cables behind the wall and when i put my hands together or created somekind of loop in my body, energy started rushing and in this way prevented me from sleeping most of that night.
On the next day, the kundalini energy faded away, I heard it goes back to sleep when it hits a large blockage, though through the morning I was still able to feel other peoples and animals emotional “atmosphere” or “how they feel at the time” as if it were my own, and my sisters dog finally did what I asked him to, without even saying it. Of course I couldnt really focus on the exam afterwards, but it turned out to be fine, so the experience was worth it.
Now I am focusing on clearing out these blockages, and maybe, with the help of one of the EoE spheres J. is ordering, I get to wake the kundalini energy up again.

Best wishes,

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