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Upgrading your crystals to become permanent EoE kundalini tools


It is also possible to train your own crystals into a EoE kundalini tool. Some crystals work better then others. In the kundalini explained section you can find out which crystals work best. For the cost and time please send us an email. It all depends on what crystal it is and the size. The apatite and herderite crystals will be more expensive to train because of the time needed to train and of course to protect our own product. Quartz will be the cheapest but never the less very effective.

For upgrading any Tachyon, Albat, Biogenisis, Dominus Cervix or MX2 product please send us an email as well. This will be cheaper as well and you will basically have a new product with the most powerful and advanced energies available to date.

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